Welcome to ursine’s documentation!

ursine is a SIP URI library intended to be easy to integrate into and use for other SIP-focused libraries such as aiosip. In particular its meant to be easy to do the following

  • parse SIP URIs into easy to work with objects
  • generate new SIP URIs
  • normalize the representation of SIP URIs
  • allowing comparisons / hashing of URIs

and do all the same as well for SIP header values with contained URIs.

userinfo and hostport

The SIP spec often refers to the ‘userinfo’ and ‘hostport’ meaning the username+password and hostname+port respectively in a URI. For convenience ursine offers handling the userinfo and hostport either as a single entity or individually. The code below shows this with two effectively identical ways of creating the same URI.

from ursine import URI

uri1 = URI.build(scheme='sip',
uri2 = URI.build(scheme='sip',
assert uri1 == uri2


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